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Hollywood Diversity: The UntOLDStory
Birthdays never used to bother me.  I’d always say: “There are only two options…you either get old or you die young.” But I have a significant birthday coming up this year, one that lets me know that dying young is no longer an option…that I have crossed the threshold of “gone too soon” to “she lived a good life.”
And while I know my passing would be deeply mourned and I’d be dearly missed, I also know that henceforth my demise will be viewed on a sliding scale of “age appropriate.”  As a cancer survivor, that is not something I take lightly. So for the remainder of my sojourn on planet Earth, I plan on living “balls to the wall” and making the most of it.
Unfortunately, Hollywood has put restrictions on that. 
As a young actress learning my craft and trying to figure this acting thing out, I worked all the time, including series regular roles in primetime and a pioneering role in daytime: as the daughter of Redd Foxx and Della Reese on the CBS sitcom,…